May 13, 2006

POAB = Priestess On A Boat = A Unique Happiness.

I'm really honored to have had the opportunity to see my favorite metal band, Priestess, perform on a boat last night in New York Harbor. I thought I had experienced some adventures in life but this was a strange, unique thrill I never could have anticipated.

The vessel, The Half Moon, was so much smaller than I expected. They should call it the Quarter Moon. There's no such thing though, is there? It took us about 10 minutes to make our way around it, which we did early on to scope out the joint, but it only took that long because it was so crowded and wobbly. I still feel like things are wobbly. Not once did I hurl, although I saw another woman hurl. It seemed ok though, not like, "I feel gross, if I don't spew I may die of alcohol poisoning," more like, "Oops, seasick, let me just get rid of something discreetly." She should get a medal for most elegant vomiting.

My computer is rocking in front of me.

It was a great time because it was such a simple pleasure, really, and yet kinda bizarre, and it all happened by walking north from my apartment along the river for about 15 minutes. In just a few steps I was transported to another world. I know this probably sounds overdramatic, but I live in Manhattan and this was the closest I got to leaving it since last summer (not counting Brooklyn or Jersey City. Hell, Jersey City was last weekend and even that seemed exotic).

Let me put it this way: I was BOATING (there was a CAPTAIN) with a METAL BAND from Montreal.

But as I said, it was a compact vessel. It gave the show a very intimate feel. I did not get to know every other Priestess fan in attendance, but I definitely could have in the time allotted. So it ended up feeling not at all like a concert, but a party with three bands at someone's house. As the house moves down the river and into the harbor under a full moon.

The vessel was nearly dwarfed by the bowl of potato chips, the only thing to eat on the Half Moon, but free of charge. Mike of Priestess came out with it, all excited, and said, "This is just until the big bowl gets here!" Whose crazy idea was it to find the largest stainless steel bowl in existence and serve up chips in it to metal fans on a boat? I don't know, but I do like knowing that handsome Priestess drummer Vince Nudo and I both ate from it. I am sad I didn't get to hang with the band more. I'm a really bad groupie. I guess I'm a fan, not a groupie. This band really delivers. I love them all but I must note that Vince is DEMONIC on the drums. Unfortunately he was too far away and his drumming too frenetically demonic to be captured by my camera, so I captured none of those crazy expressions he makes when he is shredding on the skins. Drum surfaces probably aren't skins but I'm trying to use lingo. I don't know enough drummer lingo. I wish I didn't get so tongue-tied around him. What a teenager I sound like! (My friend Jen was present for the awkward simultaneous chip-eating, and she later said the charge between Vince and me was "palpable.")

So I don't know when I'll be able to see Priestess again live. But I will rest up for it and not get too intoxicated so that by the end of the night maybe I can actually talk to them. Besides being great as a band, they are four sweet, smart, funny dudes.

I'm going to ask Vince out now on my blog:

Vince, the next time you're in New York (or maybe Los Angeles or Montreal, both of which I'm planning on visiting soon), let's get a bite to eat before the show. I mean, you have to eat. What do you like to eat? So it's a date? It can be a group thing if you prefer. That might take some pressure off me. I get so nervous around you. You really are incredibly handsome not to mention the most radical drummer ever in the coolest band ever. I'd like to get to know you better, take a walk around the city with you. Doesn't that sound fun? We could go to the dog park without a dog. I've done it, it's fun. Or I see us in Montreal at a cafe, it's so European there. It looks like the touring has been good for your muscles. Okay, so let me know!

Now that I think about it, I should probably be glad I haven't said more to Vince.

Mikey Heppner of Priestess, beer can owner unknown

Dan Watchorn of Priestess

Priestess. Mikey Heppner, Mike Dyball, Dan Watchorn, Vince Nudo.

This one was on myspace. Someone commented, "Jesus called. He wants his look back."


Anonymous said...

This was really sweet. I like it that they look like Jesus. What a strange, amazing evening. I wish we'd crashed on an island with them.


Margaret Dodge said...

I LOVE that they look like Jesus! I can't believe someone had to point it out to me. It all makes sense.

sarahfisch said...

Plus, "Vince Nudo" is about the awesomest rock star name I've ever heard.

Margaret Dodge said...

mean lady: Yes, sigh.

sarahfisch: Oh, yes! Sigh.

Anonymous said...

You are a funny and descriptive writer. I'll put in a good word for you with Vince. I'm Mikey's mom. I was just out for a google and came across your blog. Yes they are all very great guys.

Margaret Dodge said...

Thank you! Just out for a Google, huh? So glad you dropped by! What an honor, a Priestess mom on my blog!